Real Life Hamburglar Scams McDonald’s Order Kiosk For Free Burger

This guy is a real life Hamburglar! He figured out you can get a free burger and 10 patty-less burgers, all for free, with a little trickery by customizing your order. Take a look.

As you can see, all you have to do is order 10 of the $1 hamburgers. Then customize all of them, as if you were ordering them vegetarian style, by removing the patty of each one. You will get $1.10 removed from your order for each patty-less burger – which will then leave you with a $1.00 credit that you can order a burger with the patty in. So in all, you will get a complete burger plus the addition of 10 patty-less burgers (hope you like bread). No word if McDonald’s has wisened up to this yet.

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