Trained Diabetic Alert Dog Sensed Something Was Wrong And Was Acting Up, So Mom Called The School To Check On Her Daughter

Hero, the dog, is well… a hero.

Hero is a trained diabetic alert dog who has kept little Sadie, the four-year-old in this story, safe since he joined her family. Sadie was born with Down’s syndrome and later was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. That’s where Hero comes in.

Hero is there to let Sadie’s parents know when the little girl’s blood sugar levels drop too low or get too high which he determines using his strong sense of smell. When levels get too low, Hero will whine and offer his left paw to the parent. When Sadie’s levels are too high, Hero will offer the right paw.

But in this case, Sadie was over five miles away at school. That’s when Hero started whining and would not stop. So mom decided to call the school just to be sure and thankfully she did – because Hero was right. Sadie’s numbers were dropping and somehow, Hero’s intuition kicked in.


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