This Father Walks His Two Kids From Mexico To The US Every Day So They Can Go To A Good School

His name is Jose Luis Dominguez and he currently has two kids, 7-year-old Luis and 8-year-old Kayla, and he is determined to give them both the best education possible.

But unlike most kids who take a bus to school or get driven by their parents, these two have to cross into another country every day by foot. While they all live in Mexico, charter schools and other education institutions make it possible for Mexicans to enroll in the United States as long as they can provide a physical address. So Dominguez got them both enrolled in a school in South Texas.

So every morning and afternoon, they walk across the Hidalgo International Bridge to get to and from school. It’s also made possible because Dominguez holds a job at local fast food establishment across the street from the school. He’s able to drop them off and then go to work.

In a KHOU report, Dominguez says:

I bring them to school every day. We cross the border so they can have a better education,Because schooling is better here than in Mexico.

It’s ugly across the border. Kids are being abducted. It’s better here [in the U.S.], safer, knowing that nothing will happen.

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