Pregnant Wake Surfing Mom = The Best Thing You Will See All Week

Yeah, she’s pregnant but that’s not stopping her.

As Kolby Fahlsing describes in her post, at 40 weeks pregnant, she has been super uncomfortable. Headaches, nausea, leg pain, you name it – she has it. She thought it would be maybe a good idea to get things moving!

And for those of you concerned with safety, there is a difference between wake boarding and wake surfing, as Kolby has explained. With wake boarding, you’re typically going 25+ miles per hour while being pulled by tow line. With wake surfing, you’re going about 8 to 9 miles per hour which makes falling not much different than jumping into a pool.

Clearly, the wakesurfing helped… five days laters, she was blessed with this little fellow.

And here’s a pic of the healthy baby boy, Wilder Kipp Fahlsing.


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