Is Apple Getting Ready To Copy Samsung? Curved iPhone In The Works?

Ok, let the fanboy wars begin.

Reports are that Apple will have a curved iPhone in 2017 – just like the Samsung Galaxy Edge line of phones.

An article on The Verge cites a report from the Nikkei Asian Review and an anonymous tipster who says there will be three different models, a 4.7 inch screen model and then two 5.5 inch screen models with one of them being the premium version with curved glass.

Other sources in the past have indicated differently, though, saying Apple may have a 5.8 inch screen in the works. I guess we’ll just have to wait, though, as none of these things are on the table for this year’s model release.

Interesting to note that Samsung is also expected to be supplying these displays to Apple, so it could be considered a win/win situation for Samsung. They have stake in every iPhone from that stock if this is true. It was also noted that 2017 will be the first time Apple shifts away from their LCD screens to the AMOLED screens such as in use by Samsung and other Android makers.

What do you think? Will the new iPhones stack up against the great devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Take a look at the review from that phone that many are saying is the best mobile phone ever.


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