Beer Mug Solves First World TV Problem

The struggle is real. You sit down to watch your favorite sporting event on TV with a frosty mug of beer in your hand… and then you raise the glass up to your lips, have a drink of the barley pop, and there’s the blockage. Your glass is blocking your view to the TV keeping you from watching your favorite quarterback get needlessly targeted in a helmet to helmet hit that the NFL will just brush off anyway.

However, now there’s a solution. It comes in the form of the TV Beer Mug and you can buy one today. Just have a look at that elegant design on the cup which allows you to down your favorite ale all without impeding your view of the TV.


Now, I am sure you’re ready to get one for yourself! The good news is, that you can pick one up from the Perpetual Kid for just $10.99. I am going to order a whole set now!


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