Angelina Jolie Pulls Up To Buy Giant Teddy Bear That Boys Are Selling Outside Their Home

These boys had “outgrown” their massive teddy bear, named AG, which stands 8 and 1/2 feet tall. Their father Tim wanted to give them a lesson in entrepreneurial skills and the boys decided to sell it.

They were hoping to make $50 from the giant teddy. They waited outside with their bear propped up and the boys held up a “for sale” sign for over an hour. After no one had stopped to buy the giant stuffed bear, an potential buyer rolled up.

The buyer, in a white Cadillac, was no other than A-list celebrity Angeline Jolie. The boys were so excited to have a buyer that they didn’t even recognize Jolie when her and her boy Shiloh got out to look at the bear.

Tim had to explain to the kids who Jolie was. The family told her the price of the bear was $50 even though Tim says they would have taken $40 for the gentle giant. But Jolie, instead, gave both boys $50 in a true act of class.

Definitely a special day for these boys. Have a look.


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