Month: May 2017

Cat Regrets Getting In The Bag

Most cats are getting let out of the bag… and this cat is hoping to be let out after making the mistake of getting in the bag. You will quickly see how wrong this goes …

Brawl On Tokyo To LA Flight

These two passengers weren’t just happy to be on a flight to LAX from Tokyo… so they decided to start throwing haymakers. Who knows what started it, but they certainly didn’t want to stop.

Huge Texas Tornado

These storm chasers caught a huge tornado that touched down in Canton, Texas recently and caused major damage to homes and cars. This is a little too close for my comfort.

Heroes Saves Babies In Texas Flood

This group of strangers are now heroes for saving a family from an overturned truck in Texas floodwaters. The family nearly lost their lives when heavy rain and storm in Myrtle Springs, Texas started to …