Month: October 2016

Awesome Secluded Homes

Ever just want to get away from people, but still live in a really cool place? Check out these 12 awesome and amazingly secluded homes!

NFL’s Top 5 Worst Plays Of All Time

This is a fitting video given that this year, we have seen the quality of play in the NFL reach all time lows! The league is full of uninteresting matchups, dumb overpaid players who somehow …

Mega Tsunamis Caught On Camera

While tsunamis may become more common with global warming and other weather-related events, it is still crazy to actually see footage caught on camera. Check out these two mega tsunamis that were both caught on …

Microsoft Surface Studio Looks Incredible

Microsoft has been hard at work with their Surface line and and now they have brought Surface to the desktop in the form of the Surface Studio. The company’s big ticket item, interestingly, comes out …

13 Disney Park Secrets

Love Disney? You’ll want to see this. Check out these 13 Disney Park secrets. Some of these, I had no idea about. What about you?